On behalf of the Organising Committee of the 29th congress of the Scandinavian Transplant Society, it is a great pleasure to welcome delegates to Oslo, Norway, May 2.-4. 2018.

The Nordic countries have a long and successful history of cooperation within the field of organ transplantation through Scandiatransplant as our common organisation. The outcomes for organ transplanted patients in the Scandiatransplant member countries are excellent and waiting times and wait list mortality are lower than in most comparable countries.

Every second year, the Scandinavian Transplant Society arranges a meeting that constitutes an opportunity for contact, cooperation and mutual learning.  The 29th meeting scheduled in Oslo in May 2018 will have an exciting program focusing on emerging issues in organ transplantation and organ donation.  The program will consist of oral and poster presentations in both general and special sessions. Some of the planned special topics are state of the art immunosuppression protocols, organ preservation utilizing machine perfusion, future trends on allograft versus mechanical pumps in heart replacement therapy, liver transplantation for cancer and organ donation after cardiac death (DCD).

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee we welcome all colleagues working with organ transplantation, organ failure and organ donation in the Nordic countries to come to Oslo in May 2.-4. 2018 to present their work end exchange ideas and concepts.

Best regards,

Pål-Dag Line


Pål-Dag Line
Anna Varberg Reisæter
Hallvard Holdaas
Kirsten Muri Boberg
Tom H Karlsen
Per Arne Bakkan
Stein Foss
Urs Christen
Monika Olofsson
Käthe Meyer
Ingebjørg Kvangarsnes
Arnt E. Fiane
Einar Gude
Are Martin Holm
Inga Leuckfeldt
Morten Hagness
Bjarte Fosby
Morten Skauby
Håkon Haugaa