Friday Plenary Session

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Friday May 4th

08:00-08:45Sponsored session Alexion
Transplantation of adults with aHUS. Discussion of French and international guidelines and outcome

Christophe Legendre, Paris France
09:00-09:30Introductory lecture 5
Liver transplantation for malignancy

Pro: Pål-Dag Line, Oslo Norway
Con: Helena Isonemi, Helsinki Finland
09:30-09:50Abstract 1&2
09:50-10:20Introductory lecture 6
Everolimus after heart transplantation: Schedule

Arne Andreassen, Oslo Norway
10:20-10:40Abstract 1&2
10:40-11:00Coffee break
11:00-11:30Introductory lecture 7
Current and future trends in hepatology

Tom Hemming Karlsen, Oslo Norway
11:30-11:50Award abstract 1&2
11:50-12:30Invited lecture: Antibody mediated rejection:
diagnosis and treatment options in solid organ transplantation

Christophe Legendre, Paris France
12:30-12:45Plenary closing session by
Pål-Dag Line, Oslo Norway