Exhibition & Sponsorships

A commercial exhibition will be set up in conjunction with the meeting. The exhibition area will be located in close proximity to the presentations, and will be the natural area for refreshments, networking and product presentations during the breaks. In addition, we will offer the opportunity to hold symposiums.

If you have any questions regarding Sponsorship items, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to eposexhibit@ccnorway.no.

Exhibition Opening Hours
To make sure the Exhibition area wil be well attended, we have condensed the opening hours as follows:

Tuesday10 April13:00 - 18:00Build-up
Wednesday11 April08:00 - 13:00
13:00 - 18:00
Build up
Thursday12 April07:00 - 17:30Open
Friday13 April07:00 - 16:15
16:15 - 22:00
Saturday14 AprilExhibition closed

Exhibition Service
If you wish to use standard stand building or order furniture, or if you have questions concerning stand construction, please contact Lindis Sletvik.

Event Coordination Department
Compass Fairs w/ Lindis Sletvik
Phone: +47 971 77 289
E-mail: lindis@compassfairs.no
Or visit their website

Logistics and Shipping Clearance Service
Materials can be shipped to Oslo in advance.
Custom clearance and transportation of goods to the conference center are aslo handled by Compass Fairs.

Shipping Goods
Before shipping any items to your stand please make sure you get in touch with Compass Fairs.
They will be happy to offer their services for reception and delivery or unloading to stand of your materials. Once contacted, they will send out the documents that include all relevant info to ship goods, inform them and fix delivery to stand as well as payment terms and conditions.

Please note that Oslo Conference Centre does not accept incoming shipments. If you intend to ship goods directly to your stand, you need to be there in order to sign off the delivery note of your transport company.

Please Contact
Compass Cargo w/Einar Evensen
Transport Manager
Phone: + 47 928 31 333
E-mail: einar@compasscargo.no