More conference photographs with a higher resolution can be also found in Flickr album. Photo contributions: Nils Roar, Slawomir Kalinowski, Abhilash Nair, Nataliia Sivchenko and Sergii Shyika.
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Welcome to EWA – WMCC 2016
«Water and wastewater management – challenges in cold climate», in Spitsbergen

Water and wastewater management in cold climate requires specific design and operational requirements, and the impacts of Climate Change make them even more challenging for the future. Thus, a post-conference event on «Water and wastewater management – challenges in cold climate» will be arranged under the auspices of the European Water Association (EWA) . The workshop, together with an excursion, will take place in the island of Spitsbergen from 25 – 27 of June 2016. An attractive all-inclusive post-conference tour package will be presented together with more information. Please follow on the conference webpage for updates.

Johannes Lohaus, Secretary General, European Water Association

Lohaus, Johannes - 2009The European Water Association warmly welcomes the initiative of the Norwegian Water Association to organise a conference on the water challenges in cold climates. Most of the water technologies are developed without considering the special needs of cold climate conditions such as the Arctic and Antarctic regions are facing. Adopted solutions and further developments are definitely necessary… Read more


Harsha Ratnaweera, Chairman of the organising committee


Welcome to Norway for the EWA conference on Water management in cold climates (WMCC), a forum where the water professionals from colder climates will be sharing their challenges and solutions for the first time. Water resources management and especially the water and wastewater treatment in colder climates have specific challenges compared with warmer climates, and many of these will become even more complicated with impacts from Climate Change… Read more