Day 1 Wednesday October 26th
10:30Registration/ Coffee
11:00-12:50Session 1. Imaging ischemic heart disease in the 21st century.
Chairs: Reidar Winter and Antti Saraste
11:00 Coronary CT or exercise ECG as the first line diagnostic test for suspected CAD ? (pro-con)
-Pro Coronary CT: Jesper Møller Jensen, Aarhus, Denmark
-Pro Exercise ECG : Jari Laukkanen, Helsinki, Finland
CT derived fractional flow reserve: Ready for clinical use?
Jesper Møller Jensen, Aarhus, Denmark
Myocardial perfusion quantification: Clinical value and current status of different modalities
Juhani Knuuti, Turku, Finland
12:25 What is new in stress- echo and stress MRI?
Jens-Uwe Voigt, Leuven, Belgium
14:00-15:40Session 2. Prosthetic valve endocarditis, diagnostics, challenges,,,,, and solutions. Chairs: Kasper Iversen and Nikolaj Ihlemann
14:00 Scope of the problem and challenges
Nikolaj Ihlemann, Copenhagen, Denmark
14:25What imaging modalities can help TEE?ICE?CT?
Niels Vejlstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
14:50 The use of PET-CT in endocarditis.
Antti Saraste, Turku, Finland
15:15Can we propose a new diagnostic algorithm?
Kasper Iversen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
15:40-16:15Coffee Break
16:15-18:20Session 3. Imaging the aorta and the aortic valve.
Chairs: Ulrik Mortensen and Ellen Ostenfeld
16:15The dilating ascending aorta; what should I follow and when should I intervene?
Niels Holmark Andersen, Aarhus, Denmark
16:40Coarctatio aorta- when is it significant ?
Niels Vejlstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
17:05Aortic regurgitation; how to measure and how to grade. By echo ? By MRI ?
Stig Urheim, Bergen, Norway
The bicuspid valve; from screening to operation.
Niels Holmark Andersen, Aarhus, Denmark
17:55Imaging in low flow-low gradient aortic stenosis – (with or without preserved ejection fraction)
Frank A Flachskampf, Uppsala, Sweden
18:20End of sessions for Day 1
18:30Buffet dinner
Day 2 Thursday October 27th
08:30-10:25Session 4. The failing right ventricle.
Chairs: Ellen Ostenfeld and Ulrik Mortensen
08:30How should we image to diagnose ARVC?
Kristina Haugaa, Oslo, Norway
08:50 The pressure loaded RV; what do we measure, what should we measure?
Ellen Ostenfeld, Lund, Sweden
09:10PTA or TEA at CTEPH- how can imaging guide the decision ?
Arne Andreassen, Oslo, Norway
09:30The Failing Fontan circulation (pro-con):
-Imaging is the truth!'
Philip Beerbaum, Hannover, Germany
-Heart cath is the truth!
Lars Søndergaard, Copenhagen, Denmark
10:05-10:25The atrial septal defect; what do we need to know?
Ulf Thilen, Lund, Sweden
10:30-12:00Session 5. Cardiooncology (Joint session with NCS' meeting)
Chairs: Lars Gullestad and Jan Otto Beitnes
10:30Cardiotoxicity during cancer therapy. Mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment.
Geeta Gulati, Akershus, Norway
10:50Echocardiography in patients under active chemotherapy - How to measure, when to act?
Suvi Tuhoninen, Helsinki, Finland
11:10Valvular disease in cardiooncology
Klaus Murbraech, Oslo, Norway
11:30The role of multimodality imaging in cardiooncology
Thor Edvardsen, Oslo, Norway