Parallel Session A

Parallel Session A

13:00-13:20Introductory lecture 1
Infections in solid organ transplant

Vanda Friman, Sweden
Chairs: Marie Fäldin, Sweden and Ilkka Helanterä, Finland
14:00-14:20Introductory lecture 2
Immunosuppression in solid organ transplant

Fernanda Ortiz, Finland
Chairs: Fernanda Ortiz, Finland and Karin Skov, Denmark
15:00-16:00Poster + Exhibition with coffee break
16:00-16:20Introductory lecture 3
Current issues in pancreas transplantation

Allan Rasmussen, Denmark
Chairs: Marko Lempinen, Finland and Allan Rasmussen, Denmark
17:00-17:20Introductory lecture 4
Malignancy after solid organ transplantation

Arno Nordin, Finland
Chairs: Vivian Hellstrøm, Sweden and Arno Nordin, Finland
19:00-22:00Conference Dinner at Sjømagasinet, Tjuvholmen