Welcome to World Green Infrastructure Congress 2019 

Climate Smart Green Infrastructure

What is Climate Smart?

  • Smart resilience to climate change with maximized co-benefits for society through the use of nature based and blue-green solutions
  • Smart use of digital technologies and analysis for context-sensitive use of resources and solutions
  • Responsive to local climates – Strategies and design principles leading to optimal solutions within the local climatic context
  • Low carbon development based on Green Infrastructure as a more carbon neutral alternative to “grey” technical infrastructure
  • Business smart – The case for green infrastructure investments, both private and public, acknowledging the broad scope of co-benefits inherent in green infrastructure, offering safe and healthy environments, biophilic design, resilient ecosystems, biodiversity and cost-effective land use.

Interested stakeholders and presenters are encouraged to contact NFGI, care of David Brasfield at post@nfgt.no

WGIC 2019 is arranged by The Norwegian Association for Green Infrastructure in cooperation with World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) and the City of Bærum, Norway.