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Notification about form and date of presentation is expected to be sent out early June.

For posters, the set up area on the poster board is 95 cm (37 inches) wide and 135 cm (53 inches) high. Each poster will be assigned an abstract number and will appear in the program as well as on the poster board.

Monday 29Tuesday 30Wednesday 01Thursday 02
From Genomics to Phenomics - Systems BiologyBiomedicine ModelsAqua ModelsNeurobiology and Development 1)
GenomicsInfectious diseasesFish disease modelsEarly patterning and Cell Signalling
TranscriptomicsBacterial diseasesVaccinologyMorphogenesis and Organogenesis
EpigenomicsViral diseasesGrowth controlNeurogenesis / Gliogenesis
ProteomicsParasitic diseasesReproduction controlMigration
ToxicogenomicsVaccinationFeed developmentAxon Guidance
MetabolomicsNovel therapeutic approaches Feed uptakeBrain and Neural Crest Development
PhenomicsCancer and disease modelsComparative genomicsSensory Systems Development
Bioinformatic toolsSignalingBreedingNeural Circuits, Neurophysiology and Behaviour
Novel TechnologiesNovel therapeutic approaches/drug screensSelection Endoderm
HTP screeningMetastasisMolecularCardiovascular Development
transgenic modelsWound healingGenome editingSkeletomuscular and Craniofacial Development
genome editingInflammationInbred linesCilia and Cell Polarity
Immunology and diseaseToxicology/environmental factorsEvo/Devo
Regeneration/Stem cellsEcotoxinsAdvances in Imaging
Organ regenerationRadiation
Hematopoiesis: Development and DiseaseHusbandry
Induced Pluri/Multi Potent Stem CellsEuropean Guidelines
Behaviour1) Selected short oral and poster presentations on Wednesday 01
Biomonitor fish

Extended submission deadline was: 24. April 2015 at 24:00 CET

For any questions, please contact the Secretariat Congress-Conference AS at ezm2015-abs@ccnorway.no